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12 Dec

Love actually

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Love actually 001


"Love actually" de Richard Curtis


Note : 07/10


Quatrième de couverture :


In London, Christmas is coming and the people in this story have love on their minds.

Some have found love ; some have lost it.

Some accept their loneliness, other live in hope.

Even the new British prime minister's thoughts are not always in his job because love, actually, is all around us.




In "Love actually" there are a lot of characters and a lot of stories, sad and funny stories.

But it's not difficult to follow.

All of them talk about love.


A man who's very sad because his wife is dead.

A man who's falling in love with a woman who doesn't speak the same language.

A woman who has doubts about his husband.

The first love of a little boy.



But in this book i have two favorites stories.


One which is funny, it's the story about the Prime Minister and Natalie.

A man with a lot of responsabilites but who acts like an idiot whith Natalie because he's in love with her.


And the story about Peter, Juliet and Mark.

Peter and Juliet are getting married.

Mark is Peter's bestfriend.

Juliet and Peter think Mark doesn't like Juliet, but in fact, Mark is in love with Juliet.


You must read the book but for me the movie is much better.


The actors are wonderfull, the musics are perfect and the emotions are very strong.


This movie is one of my favorites.


"Whenever i feel unhappy about the state of the world', the Prime Minister thought it himself, i think about the Arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport, ... where it seems that love is everywhere. It isn't big new, but it's always there. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, friends and strangers.... If you look for it, you'll find, i think, that love actually is all around us..."


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<br /> je suis admiration, jamais je n'aurais le courage d'écrire un billet toutenanglais... je lis d'accord mais ça s'arrête là :-)))))<br />
<br /> <br /> Mouais enfin t'as vu le billet ? Très court et ultra basique, je ne me fais pas d'illusion non plus mdrrrrr Mais j'y arriverais bien un jour<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Oh oui, dis-donc, c'est la classe ce billet tout en anglais, bravo Val ! :)<br />
<br /> <br /> Merci Cuné <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Christmas's all around...<br />
<br /> <br /> yes<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> En tout cas encore une fois bravo pour le billet tout en anglais !<br />
<br /> <br /> Merci <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />


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